Still Untitled


by Xavier Le Roy

developed with Scarlet Yu

in collaboration with: Alexandre Achour, Susanne Griem, Zeina Hanna, Sabine Huzickiewiz, Laura Mareen Lagermann, Alexander Rütten, Imin Tsao.


Production: Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017

With the support of Le Kwatt production company


Still Untitled is a work developed for Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017. The invitation came together with a request to make a work with live actions and a strong wish from the curatorial team to avoid to transform Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017 into a festival, that is to say; a series of events programmed one after the other at specific times, instead of works that can be experienced at any time throughout exhibition.Following these instructions we have sought to make « Sculpture(s), in the city of Münster, with live actions, embodied by human beings, accessible 24h/24h, during 100 days for the citizen of Münster and the visitors coming specially for the occasion ».


To make a work framed by these conditions challenge the necessity to work with the incompatibility of time and space usually linked to sculpture opposed to live human actions, and the conditions of experience made possible within exhibitions rather then for scheduled performances,. These times seem to encounter impossibilities of coexisting. It resemble something we can encounter everyday when the time of one doesn’t fit the time of the other, or when the time of others is imposed to us or vice versa. Or more generally, when we encounter a time that we want to escape or interrupt, it can be the global time imposed by a media, a discipline, an institution or the so-called, global economy. In other words: "That time that doesn't wait".


On the basis of these remarks and questions Still Untitled will take the form of sculptures embodied and presented by human beings to other human beings. It’s something to share with others. They are encounters occurring when one of them decides to present it to visitors of their choice.These sculptures will multiply and appear at any time, in any space, along the 3 months of « Skulpture Projecte Münster 2017 ». Maybe many will stay imperceptible, maybe they will spread and grow like a virus or developed into a rumor.


Still Untitled will developed during workshops open to everyone and anyone. If you want to attend a workshop please click here: Still Untitled-Workshop

Sculpture Projects Münster - Münster, Germany

Wanås Konst, Wanås, Sweden.

CND - Paris, France

@Tanzkongress-2019, Hellerau - Germany

@Tanzkongress-2019, Hellerau - Germany