Product of Other Circumstances in 186 Screen Shots


2023, Photographies of screen shots

3 Series of pictures of screen shots made every minutes on 3 video documentations of the choreography « Product of Other Circumstances » (2009) recorded in 2011 in Lisbon - Portugal, and Seoul - South Korea, and 2019 in Pantin - France.


This work is a response to the invitation of Elysa Wendy Artistic Director of the festival « Jumping Frame » in Hong Kong to think about mode of archiving performances, as well as traces of a live work for an exhibition during a period extending the live performance on the 13th of August at the Eaton Hotel.
It is the transformation of a live work into an object for exhibition. It is an attempt to translate a work usually experienced from beginning to the end, with a specific duration along which the meanings and sensations unfold, into an object created to be exhibited and experienced with a time and space that each visitor can compose.


The performance « Product of Other Circumstances » tells the story of the making of itself. Therefore it is structured by recounting and re-enacting some chosen moments from the rehearsals and the research. The aim of that work was to make, or to embody, a Butoh dance as well as a critic of the interdependence of the working conditions and the content of the art work. Using a text not fully scripted, the narrative fluctuates from one presentation to the other according to the time, the day, the language and the public.


Using these aspects of the performance, the work «Product of Other Circumstances in 186 Screen Shots » is based on 3 recordings of the performance « Product of Other Circumstances » in 3 different places for 3 different languages between 2011 and 2019. The choice of the screen shots are independent from the desire to emphasized, or make certain contents visible despite others, but rather, following a set time line of one screen shots each 2 minutes in order to recompose the meanings and juxtapose the time lines of the 3 different performances giving space and time in between, where / when the visitors continue the necessary imagination to give a life to the archive works.

The projection of a film produces movements by jumping from one frame to the next. While with the images of « Product of Other Circumstances in 186 Screen Shots » the visitors can walk (jump) from one frame to the other. Between perception and imagination, each visitor will compose something between the past performances, the present receptions and the futur archives.

Jumping Frames - Hong Kong International Movement-Image Festival 2023 - Hong Kong