Artistic direction : Saša Asentić Xavier Le Roy

Choreography :  Xavier Le Roy

Artistic cooperation, performance : Alexandre Achour, Diana Anselmo, Scarlet Yu CONSULTATION Accessibility and deaf culture : Diana Anselmo

Sound designer : Peter Böhm

Technical direction, translation : Rastko Ilić

DGS translation : Oya Ataman

Production direction : Miriam Glöckler, Stephan Wagner.


A production by Saša Asentić, Xavier Le Roy & Collaborators in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE, Pact Zollverein and Le Kwatt, France. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and DRAC Ile de France.



Fifteen years ago, Xavier Le Roy's renowned solo performance Le sacre du printemps 2007 turned the conventional relationship between movement and sound upside down. Playing with movements and gestures of a conductor in relation with the music of Igor Stravinsky, Le Roy explored ways how cause and effect of sound and movement interact.

In Le sacre du printemps (2022), a new edition of the piece, Saša Asentić and Xavier Le Roy expand the original concept of the performance by inviting Deaf and hearing artists to work together on the choreography of gestures and movements, exploring different ways of perceiving and embodying the sound and movement.

From the very beginning, the artistic team of Saša Asentić placed the accessibility and movement research knowledge and experience of the participating Deaf artists and access workers at the core of the work: both in the preparation of the project and in the rehearsal process, in order to make it accessible for artists and public.

SOPHIENSÆLE, Berlin - Germany