« For The Unfaithful Replica » from Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu is a work developed for the exhibition "The Unfaithful Replica » following the invitation of Nuria Enguita Mayo and Laurence Rassel. The work unfolded and transformed along the exhibition from the 17th of March until the 24th of September 2016. It involves visitors (called the hosts) who visit the exhibition using and following actions and speeches that they pass to another visitor (called the guest). After their visit with a host, each guest becomes a host who can pass the work to another visitor etc. The work can be experienced when it is passed from one to the other or when a visitor do this composition of actions and speeches to visit the exhibition alone.  



CALL “For The Unfaithful Replica” From Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu


This is addressed for anyone and everyone who has interest and curiosity in:

- Exhibition space

- The implicit rules about behaviours in museum

- Process of learning and passing what one learns

- The transformation of ideas while they actualize themselves in a thing, an action

- An unknown/ indeterminate passage between an idea and given form to a thing or an action.

- Guiding and being guided

-To do, to hear, and tell stories or passing them from one to the other

- Ways to watch, to look, to hear, to tell, to walk, how people relate to each other in exhibition spaces, doing and undoing groups


This is for anyone and everyone who would like to be involved in:

Immaterial exchange and their potential of transforming us and the others. Anyone and everyone who enjoy and is curious in: learning, passing and presenting something that will become a kind of guided tour throughout the exhibition, or will it become a cult, a rumour, something that is spoken about?


What does the exhibition pass On? For? How?




If you want to be involved in that experience you engage yourself to spend at least 3 times 3 hours any day you want throughout the exhibition (and more if you wish) in the CA2M in the exhibition “The Unfaithful Replica”. You successively will learn from someone who has learnt from someone else: way of looking, of watching, of walking, postures, and things to tell and to listen too.

During that day after having learned these things that will form a kind of guided tour, you will present it to other visitors (some you know some you don’t know) and pass it to someone else (this can be a friend, someone you know or if you prefer someone you don’t know yet)

Each participant engages her or himself to pass what she / he has learnt at least to one other person during the exhibition in the CA2M. This can be repeated as many times as one wants.

You can come as much you want and pass “For The Unfaithful Replicas” from Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu as many time as you wish during the exhibition


For more information we propose to meet on the 23 or 25 February 2016, 7:30pm at CA2M.

If you want to participate send an email at:


CA2M - Madrid, Spain

CA2M - Madrid, Spain