Still (Life) in Taipei


By Scarlet Yu and Xavier Le Roy


Conceiving for and responding to the opening of Taipei Performing Arts Center, Still (Life) in Taipei is an artwork formed by choreographed live actions and encounters. It will be performed during specified days within the entire architecture of the TPAC complex and speculating relations between this new cultural institution and the public.


Through situating and dismantling Taipei Performing Arts Center as ‘Taipei’, ‘Performing’, ‘Art’ and ‘Center’, the artists will open up spaces between hospitality and reception, the central and peripheral, and conditions of what arguably makes living in Taipei “still”.


With 6 Taipei-based artists, Still (Life) in Taipei will take place throughout 3 weekends during the opening hours of the venue, performed anywhere, at any time and for anyone.

TPAC, Taipei - Taïwan