Idea: Dalibor Šandor

Artistic direction: Dalibor Šandor, Xavier Le Roy, Alexandre Achour, Saša Asentić
Artistic collaboration: Isabel Schwenk, Scarlet Yu, Marcel Bugiel
Performance: Hanna Gierl, Evelin Golze, Laila Renger, Vanessa Franz, Julian Glenzer, Steven Wamp, Dalibor Šandor, Jelena Stefanoska, Natalija Vladisavljević, Xavier Le Roy, Alexandre Achour, Scarlet Yu, Saša Asentić
Production management: Ann-Christin Görtz, Hannah Marquardt, Stephan Wagner
Production: Saša Asentić & Collaborators
Partner: Berlinische Galerie, Per.Art


"We are not monsters - edition: Berlinische Galerie" is based on the idea of the disabled artist Dalibor Šandor, and his need to point out the problem of a distorted image that the society makes of anyone who is somehow different, as well as of the injustice that falls upon them. Disabled and non-disabled artists from the groups Tanzerei from Berlin and Per.Art from Novi Sad (Serbia) together question the relationship between visitors and exhibits in the museum, and they expand the very understanding of the notion of a collection, enriching it through live performance by questions, concerns and perspectives of disabled artists.


Berlinische Galerie, Berlin - Germany.