A work for Exhibition spaces with 2 performers and 1 dummy 


Conceived by Xavier Le Roy
Dummy made by Coco Petitpierre


Untitled (2012) involves two masked figures with similar physiques moving together in the darkness. The situation challenges the recognition of who, or what, they do and are. Moving or immobile, between dead and alive, like twins entangled in a soft fight or an intense coupling, at the limit of the visible, the duet of human figures and the darkness produce a field for the uncanny. The visitors are invited to enter the space at any time and stay as long they wish to experience the slow transformation of the work and their perception. Untitled (2012) was first developed for the exhibition 12 rooms and 13 rooms. It is part of series of works, started in 2005, that use the conjunction of darkness, dummies, puppets and human performances to look for zones of indecisiveness. These works look for these moments when we have to revisit our certainties and follow the flow of transformation to imagine or reconfigure our worlds.

ImpulzTanz - Wien, Austria

Dance ?, CAAM Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain