There are 2 paravents on the stage . they will be build up meanwile the konzert –show at the beginning, they have wheels ond roll on the stagefloor .
Behind the paravents there sit the guitarists ( with guitars and play the composition ) , before the paravents sit the actors ( without guitars , and „play“ the composition ) . The length is around 25 minutes



We bring 2 neumann microphones with ! they are fixed on the paravents .
Further we need :

4 wireless microphones for the actors in front of the paravent (lavalier type – clipped on the shirt of the actors. We want to use UHF systems, like SHURE , AKG or SENNHEISER .
If the clip-mics are cardioid its perfect, otherwise omnidirectional batteries for rehearsal and show.


Mixing Desk

2 microphone inputs , 4 line inputs
4 indipendent outputs ( groups ) with groupmasters
The type of the mixingdesc should be an digital mixer like Yamaha O1V96 or bigger ones of Yamaha
mixing place : behind the audience or in the last third of the audience.



4 Speakers like d&b E3 , E6 , E8 with amplifires .
(For exemple in France : L-acustic 8XT or Amadeus PMX10)

Its very necessary to have high quality speakers for the subtile guitar-amplification .
Two loudspeakers have to be placed ( hanging from a rigging system ) above the paravents , 3.5 meters above the floor .

2 loudspeakers are on the floor between the paravents.

Further things : 4 black , wooden chairs , 4 note statives , 4 spotted lights to the notes of the musicans and actors.


If one or some points are problematic, please contact me to workout a solution


Sound : Wolfgang Musil