technical rider

Please find attached generic sound and light plans. these plans and the technical rider will be adapted depending on the specificities of each space and situation.


Light Material

(voir plan lumière)


The light board should allow to program times and linked cues.

The filters should be provided by the venue.

Please provide one roll of alu tape.


Sound material

(voir plan son)

We can help to rent and bring:

6 d&b E3

44 d&bE0

4 d&b Q7

2 d&b E12 subwoofers

incl. amps, computers, matrix, cables etc.

The venue should provide an insurance for this material for the duration of our stay.


The venue should provide:

back of the stage: 2 speakers equivalent to E3

Side / front of the audience 2 speakers equivalent to E3

Back of the audience : 2 speakers equivalent to E3

Including controllers, amplifires and cabling


Power requierements dedicate for sound : 32A provovided in 3 separate sockets (PC 16A type)



- The stage should be at the level of the first row of spectators. NO Proscenium or if there is one the situation should be discussed

- black backdrop (see plan)

- when the floor is a clean wooden floor, no dance floor is necessary (when not, black dance floor required).



For the sound matter, the venue should provides a cloackroom for the audiance's goods (coats and bags).



in case of a fix grid, the lights should be hung in advance according to the adapted plan.
day 1:
morning: set-up light and sound in parallel (3 light technicians + 2 sound technician, depending on the space, 1 to 3 stage technicians)

      afternoon: sound (1 sound technician + 1 technician)

      evening: focus lights (3 light technicians)
day 2: 9:00-11:00 sound (1 sound technician), 11:00-13:00 light (1 light technician)

afternoon rehearsal

evening general rehearsal with full audience

day 3: finitions, rehearsal, performance get out after the last show (3 sound technicians)



- 4 persons travelling with the show 

- 3 liters of still mineral water per person and per day


Contact :


-Sound design : Peter Boehm boehm@mlab.at

-Production manager : Illusion Macadam, Vincent Cavaroc & Fanny Herserant xlr@illusion-macadam.fr