More Mouvements für Lachenmann (2005)
Fiche technique

traduction en français à venir

- black backdrop + 2 black legs (taps)
- when the floor is a clean wooden floor, no dance floor is necessary (when not, black dance floor required)
- 8 black simple chairs for musicians (need to be confirmed by the company)
- 2 black flats (Paravents) on wheels (provided by the company)
back stage : 2 larges tables for the instruments, 4 chairs + if needed : carpet on floor to avoid  any sound.
Lights :
- 12 Fresnels 2kw + black wrap + bandoors + R119
- 20 PC’s 1kw + R119
- 4 profiles 2kw (Juilliat 714s type) + L053 + L132
- 12 asymmetric floods (ADB type) + L251
Back stage:
-Blue lights
- Either using the audience lights already in place in the venue (need to be dimmerable)
- Or: PC and asymmetric floods, numbers depending of the space
Need to be checked with the company
For the mixing desk and the sound engineer, it is important to provide some space within the audience (free seats, How Much?). Ideal is to have space in the second half of the audience-rows. The sound engineer should NOT seat in a cabin)
-8 wireless mikroports (sennheiser)
with 8 wireless micros omni DPA type 4060series black
(+ batteries for reharsals and performances)
-6 loudspeakers d&b E3 with each a epack amplifire ( to have them regulated and equalized each) : 4 are hanging on the rig (3,50 from  the floor) + 2 on the floor
(or d&b equivalant : 6 speakers full range 150W sinus / 450W peak , 90° x 60°)
-1 mixer like yamaha O1V 96 or O1V 96 mkII (not a O1V old version)
provided by the company : 2 Neumann
Extra :
- 13 persons travel with the show (8 musicians on stage).
- Dressing rooms / iron and ironing table
- 13 liters mineral water (plain) per day.
Schedule and manpower:
Day 1
Morning: set up light, sound and stage (3 light technicians, 1 sound technician, 2 stage technicians)
Afternoon: light focus (3 light technicians)
Evening:  sound check + rehearsal (1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician)
Day 2 
Morning: light or sound (1 light technician, 1 sound technician)
Afternoon: rehearsal (1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician)
Evening: performance (1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician)