Product of Circumstances (1999)
Technical rider


1 performer
1 tour manager

Depending on the context, in a theater minimum 8m x 8m
White dance floor
1 slide projector, with infra red remote control
1 screen as big as possible according to the space (4m X 3m)
1 desk for standing position (lectern, pupitre, pult)
1 chair with a square back
1 pillow

1 microphone on a stand + amplifying system depending on the size of the room
1 microphone (wireless) for the discussion with the audience

On stage: regular front, back and side light, no colors.
2 different atmospheres: 1 plain light everywhere + 1 for the slide presentation
In the audience the light should stay on (audience members should be able to write or read during the performance) except during the slide presentation.
Lightning-Plan: (download)
Load in:

In theater situation, 6 hours with 2 technicians

3 hours
Duration of the piece:

about 65 minutes plus open discussion with the audience
Please note:

The piece is registered at the SACD, France.
No music.