SPECIFICATIONS: Self Unfinished in 105 screenshots, 2020

From the digital files made available in the digital document entitled: "all 105 prints", print the 105 digital files on 100 gr/m2 self-adhesive mat vinyl
Dimension of each print: 10 X 13 cm,

The prints are glued on the wall on a single line. The order from right to left follows the chronology of time (time code visible on the images) from 00 :00 to 52 :00. All 105 images must be included in the installation, it is not possible to expose only some of them. Height: in the middle of the print at 150 cm or adapted to the wall. 2 cm space between each print.

It is desirable that the line is on one wall (minimum 15.75 m long), but it is also possible that this line extends over 2 or 3 walls continuously if the room where the images are pasted has walls of less than 15 m.

To guide the installation see the images and video provided in the folder "INSTALLATION VIEWS".